Hello, I'm Alex Le.
I'm a Junior Software Developer.


A little about me...

After I completed my two years of community college and obtained my degree in Business Administration. I heard about The Mississippi Coding Academy and took the opportunity to take advantage to learn more about coding. I am still learning and trying to perfect my craft everyday. My goal is to obtain as much knowledge to get better as a software developer and achieve my goal to be a full stack web developer. I am very eager to learn more about technology; hopefully to work under a great company in the near future and work on exciting projects.


I would like to think I have the qualities of a creative individual. I am capable of making a front-end web page look presentable to capture the audience's eyes. I am open-minded to think of all around aspects to incorporate any ideas to exceed the individual's liking. And I am very meticulous about every little detail and organization about the work I put out.

Identifying Customer Needs

I am confident to believe that I know what fullfills the customer's unique needs. As someone who is still young and with the help of social media, I feel that I can understand what the market's wants and needs are. I will create content that will grasp the user's attention.


  • Trust in me that the work given to me will be accomplished.
  • Trust in me that the work I give out will be worked by my best efforts.
  • Trust in me that the work I present will fulfill high expectations.
  • Trust in me that the investment you make in me will be well WORTH IT!


This is my Detroix project, where I used the 960 Grid System.

This is my Airbox project, where I also used the 960 Grid System.

This is my Venedor project, where I instilled Bootstrap within this project.

This is my Bloom-Landing Page project, where I used Bootstrap and made it responsive.



I am available for hire and open to any critiques.

Get In Touch With Me: